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Full colour Dual Double Sided business cards printed on 350gsm Matt + Gloss Lamination (double sided)

Single and double sided printing in the same price!

The Dual Double Sided potrait-fold business card is ideal if you want to present extra information. By printing a handy year calendar on the back you encourage your card to be looked at more often. If you are a designer or a photographer why not show off your best work?

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Business Card Size (folded): 55 mm x 85 mm
Artwork size: 112 mm x 87 mm (incl. 1 mm bleed)
Printing type: CMYK 4/0 or 4/4 (single or double sided)
Paper weight: 350gsm
Finishing: Matt + Gloss Lamination (double sided)
Turnaround Standard: Estimated: 9 working days
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Quantity Standard
50 qty. £51.66
100 qty. £54.12
250 qty. £57.81
500 qty. £66.42
1000 qty. £77.49
2000 qty. £146.37
3000 qty. £216.48
4000 qty. £285.36
5000 qty. £354.24
6000 qty. £425.58
7000 qty. £493.23
8000 qty. £562.11
9000 qty. £642.06
10000 qty. £712.17

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