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How to place an order?

1. For your convinience we have provided multiple ways in which to find a product of your choice:

  • by clicking on an icon that illustrates the product category
  • by clicking on the category name on the left hand side menu
  • by using a drop down menu on the left hand side

Help: icons menu

select your product by clicking on icons

Help: side menu

select your product from a side menu

Help: drop-down menu

select your product from a drop-down menu

2. Due to a number of possible product variants, please follow these steps to specify your product of choice:

  • choose a category
  • paper type, weight and finish
  • size
  • number of pages (in case of brochures and perfect binded brochures)

Help: select paper type, weight and finish

select paper type, weight and finish

Help: select paper size

select paper size

3. You can specify a quicker turnaround for selected products. All details can be found in the Specification table. Please decide on the quantity and click on the price next to that quantity.

Help: turnaround details

turnaround details

Help: quantity and turnaround selection

quantity and turnaround selection

4. In the product options pop-up window you can decide on extra options:

  • turnaround
  • VAT rate
  • graphic design by GlobPrint
  • project delivery method
  • project check options
  • print preview options

To proceed with your order click ADD TO CART button.

Help: turnaround options

turnaround options

Help: graphic design options

graphic design options

Help: project delivery method

project delivery method

Help: project check options

additional project check options

Help: add to cart

ADD TO CART button

5. To successfully complete your order, please ensure:

  • you have selected the right product
  • billing address and delivery address are correct
  • you have chosen a correct payment method
  • you have accepted the Terms & Conditions

Once all of the above have been fullfilled, please click CONFIRM & PLACE ORDER.

Help: terms and conditions

please accept Terms and Conditions

Help: confirm order

Confirm and Place an Order

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