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Full colour A4+ presentation folders printed on 350gsm Matt + Gloss Lamination (double sided)

If you run a lot meetings or frequently visit customers you will find our presentation folders invaluable! Keep your documents or handouts in order and make extra impression with your logo or tag line printed on the cover.

The A4+ size presentation folders are perfect for holding A4 documents. They are easy to fold with interlocking clips. We even cut a handy slot for a business card!

Presentation Folder Size (folded): 215 mm x 300 mm x 5 mm
Artwork size: 515 mm x 375 mm (incl. 5mm bleed)
Printing type: CMYK 4/0 or 4/4 (single or double sided)
Paper weight: 350gsm
Finishing: Matt + Gloss Lamination (double sided)
Turnaround Standard: Estimated: 9 working days
Show prices:
Quantity Standard
50 qty. £355.47
100 qty. £387.45
250 qty. £510.45
500 qty. £674.04
1000 qty. £1,008.60
2000 qty. £1,653.12
3000 qty. £2,253.36
4000 qty. £2,837.61
5000 qty. £3,448.92
6000 qty. £4,027.02
7000 qty. £4,629.72
8000 qty. £5,228.73
9000 qty. £5,814.21
10000 qty. £6,157.38

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