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Terms & Conditions


In these Terms of Business:

"We" "Us" "Ourselves" "Seller" "GlobPrint" means gb.globprint.com website operated by PBMedia sp. z o.o. company registered in Poland under company registration number (KRS) 0000307085, VAT: PL7393687373 with registered office at PBMedia sp. z o.o., al. Pilsudskiego 73, 10-449 Olsztyn, Poland.

"You" "Your" "Buyer" means the person, firm or company purchasing goods and / or services from Printum Ltd.

"Product" means all goods and services supplied by the "Seller" to the "Buyer".

"Work" "Order" means all steps required to prepare, produce and / or manufacture all goods and required to provide services.

"Preliminary Work" means all work done in the concept and preparatory stages (including non-exhaustively design, artwork, colour matching).

"PDF Proof" means normalised and standardized PDF file (PDF/X-4 compliant file) based on submitted project.

"Electronic File" means any text, illustration or other matter supplied or produced by either Party in digitised form on disc or by internet transfer or any other communication link.

"Artwork" means any file(s), illustration(s) supplied by the Buyer in digitised form on disc or by internet transfer or any other communication link.

"The Site" or "the Website" means the gb.globprint.com site on the world wide web maintained by or on behalf of the Seller.

Description of Services

GlobPrint offers:

  • Printing of various products available on the Site
  • Upload function for submitting files directly for print
  • Access to an online account for the purposes of managing account details and/or ordering printed materials by a specific account holder
  • Graphic design

Terms and Conditions

These TERMS AND CONDITIONS govern your access and use of our services. By accessing or using the functions of the Site you agree to be bound by these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and to any additional guidelines, restrictions, or rules that may be posted in connection with specific sections or services of this Site. All such additional posted guidelines, restrictions, or rules are hereby incorporated by reference into these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The contract made by you online with us incorporates these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, which shall prevail over any and all terms and conditions, proposed by You.

GlobPrint reserves the full right to make modifications or changes to our sites, services, and to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS at any time without prior notice. Any legal entity or private person that accesses this site should review these TERMS AND CONDITIONS each time of access to this Site.

Product Specification

GlobPrint aims to continuously develop new products and services and therefore reserves the right to amend the specifications of any goods or products without notice.

We will do our best to match colours as they appear on the PDF Proof although we are not liable for the final colour appearance as the screen-based colour system (RGB) and the print colour system (CMYK) differ. Slight differences in colour may occur and we cannot take responsibility for that.

Materials supplied or specified by the Buyer


It is the Buyer's responsibility to maintain a copy of any original Artwork provided by the Buyer. GlobPrint stores the Artwork(s) or the PDF Proof(s) upon completion of the printing process for one month only.

The Seller shall not be responsible for checking the accuracy of supplied content from an Artwork.

GlobPrint offers free PreFlight Artwork Check as part of the Order. We will check the Artwork’s format, size, bleeds, and overall resolution. Minor issues spotted during PreFlight Artwork Check Seller will correct free of charge. If an Artwork is not suitable for outputting without major adjustment or other corrective action we will ask the Buyer to rectify the issues or we will offer to do it at an additional cost.

PDF Proofs and variations

It is Buyer’s responsibility to ensure the Artwork submitted for production is free from mistakes. The Seller shall incur no liability for any errors not corrected by the Buyer where the Buyer has been provided with and has accepted the PDF Proof(s).

GlobPrint will only proceed with the order if the Buyer has accepted the PDF Proof. Buyer approval will only be accepted via the online account. GlobPrint can not accept telephone approvals.

Variation in finishing of goods within a reasonable tolerance by the Seller shall be deemed acceptable by the Buyer.

Changes to artwork, job characteristics, or turnaround time are not allowed once the PDF Proof is approved and your print job has been sent to the production queue – order status "Imposition" or "Printing in progress".

Order & Delivery


We will endeavour to process your order, manufacture your printed items, and have it delivered to you by courier within 5-10 working days. Specific turnaround depends on the Product and detailed information about turnaround can be found in the Product specification page on the Site. The turnaround is estimated only and based on the typical number of working days that it takes to complete and deliver a product to the Buyer under normal circumstances.

The estimated turnaround is calculated from the next working day after both the PDF Proof was accepted and the invoice settled in full.

Time of delivery is not of the essence in these terms and conditions. We will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you through any reasonable or unavoidable delay in delivery.

We cannot guarantee that the products ordered will be dispatched jointly.

Changes to Service

We reserve the right to change the conditions of these terms of service. Should we modify these terms in any way the updated version will appear within the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the Site.

We reserve the right to terminate any account at any time. We reserve the right to amend the GlobPrint service at any time providing such changes do not adversely alter the nature and quality of the service.

You agree that GlobPrint may without prior consent delete your account and any related materials including personal information, data, text, files, images and all other materials and that GlobPrint may prevent any further access by you to any such data. In particular, it is our absolute policy to reject any materials, which we, at our discretion, consider to be obscene, in bad taste or in any other way inappropriate (whether or not to print such materials would be illegal or unlawful).

You agree that GlobPrint shall not be liable for any loss or damages to you or any third party resulting from the deletion of such information or resulting in any way from the termination of your account and that you will keep GlobPrint fully and effectively indemnified against all losses, liabilities, damages and costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) suffered by them as a result of the printing in good faith of any material submitted by you.


You must pay by credit card, PayPal account, or debit card at the time of order. Payment will be taken in full at the time of the order. We can accept telephone card payments. We also accept direct payments. To make a direct payment or a wire transfer to our bank account, you will need to quote the following when arranging the payment with your bank:

Account Holder: PBMedia sp. z o.o.

IBAN: PL56109025900000000143617092


Please use the order number as reference.

Please remember that BACS payments take 3–4 working days to clear our bank account whereas CHAPS payments clear the same day with an admin fee payable.

The price of any product is the price in force at the date and time of your order.

You undertake that all details you provide to Us for the purpose of purchasing Products which may be offered by Us on Our Website will be correct; that the credit card, PayPal account or debit card which You use is Your own and that there are sufficient funds or credit facilities to cover the cost of any Products. We reserve the right to obtain validation of Your credit card, PayPal account or debit card details before accepting Your Order.

The contract shall not have been concluded until We have received Your valid credit card charge, PayPal charge, or debit card payment details.

We are entitled to refuse any Order placed by You.

For UK Orders after Brexit.

All orders require a Customs Fee of £25 for the couriers to prepare the customs documents to import the parcels to the UK.

All orders below £135 requires an active UK VAT number

(B2B) - Customs fee of £25 + VAT number required

(B2C) - Order must be increased above £135 or will be cancelled

All orders Above £135 requires the following

(B2B) an EORI Number (to Register an EORI number you can visit https://www.gov.uk/eori)

(B2C) Do not require an EORI number or VAT if ordered by customers(B2C).

Your order will be dispatched with the freight cost covered by the sender but the Importer/Buyer would be responsible for the following payments if is required.

Customs Clearance, Customs Duties, Taxes and all other costs.

How are Customs fees & import Duties calculated for shipping to the UK?

From September 2022 we collect the payments upfront from our customer to pay the relavant agencies requirement payments to remove the burden from our customers.

If you have a specific question about the duties/taxes for a parcel that’s being sent to you, you need to contact the HM Revenue and Customs team on 0300 200 3700.

You can also find more information about tax and customs on goods sent from abroad on the gov.uk website.

B2B Orders below £135 can only be shipped to businesses with VAT numbers.

B2B Orders above £135 requires a EORI number

B2C Only orders above £135 are allowed, no VAT or EORI required

1. A payment of £25.00 for the preparation of export documentation is required with all orders.

2. The current handling fee for import parcels is £12.00 for parcels where the value of the contents is below £900 (equivalent to €1000).

3. High-value goods over the threshold provided by HMRC and the UK Government (currently €1000 / £900), the handling fee is £25.00.

4. An import tax rate of 20% will be levied on all orders.

The courier will also have to add a charge if there is a need to hold your parcel whilst Customs processes it.

It is recommended that you respond promptly to any queries from HMRC to avoid these charges.

We don't add charges for the first 10 days, after 10 days, however, storage fees will be added.

For more than 10 and up to 20 working days, the charge is £5.50 per parcel.

For each subsequent working day over 20 working days the charge is £1.35 per parcel.


Buyer may be charged VAT where and when it is required by law.

VAT will not be charged if a valid EU VAT number is provided for the order.

Customs charges and import duties may apply in countries outside the European Union but will not be managed by GlobPrint.

You and your information

Privacy Policy

The way we use Customer details is governed by a separate Privacy Policy found here: Privacy Policy.

Your rights to claim if you are not happy - Claims and Liability


Advice of damage, delay or loss of goods in transit or of non-delivery must be given in writing to the Seller and the carrier within three clear days of delivery (or, in the case of non-delivery, within 3 days of notification of dispatch of the goods) and any claim in respect thereof must be made in writing to the Seller and the carrier within seven clear days of delivery (or, in the case of non-delivery, within 7 days of notification of dispatch).

If damage has occurred during transit the Buyer must mark the delivery note of delivery service as such or the claim will not be recoverable by the Seller from the delivery service. All other claims must be made in writing to the Seller within 14 days of delivery. The Seller shall not be liable in respect of any claim unless the aforementioned requirements have been complied with except in any particular case where the Buyer proves that (i) it was not possible to comply with the requirements and (ii) the claim was made as soon as reasonably possible.

If the Work is defective so that the Buyer may in law reject it, said rejection must take place within 7 days of delivery of the goods, failing which the Buyer will be deemed to have accepted the Work.

In the event of all or any claims or rejections the Seller reserves the right to inspect the Work within seven days of the claim or rejection being notified.

All GlobPrint Products are considered goods made to customers’ specifications and as such are excluded from the right to cancel. The buyer has a right to cancel an Order provided it did not go past the Preliminary Work stage.


Insofar as is permitted by law where Work is defective for any reason, including negligence, the Seller's liability (if any) shall be limited to rectifying such defect, or crediting its value against any invoice raised in respect of the Work.

Where the Seller performs its obligations to rectify defective work under this condition the Seller shall not be liable for indirect loss, consequential loss or third party claims occasioned by defective Work and the Buyer shall not be entitled to any further claim in respect of the Work nor shall the Buyer be entitled to repudiate the contract, refuse to pay for the Work or cancel further deliveries.

The Seller shall not be liable for indirect loss, consequential loss or third party claims occasioned by delay in completing the Work or for any loss to the Buyer arising from delay in transit, whether as a result of the Seller's negligence or otherwise.

Where the Seller offers to replace defective Work the Buyer must accept such an offer unless he can show clear cause for refusing to do so. If the Buyer opts to have the work re-done by any third party without reference to the Seller the Buyer automatically revokes his right to any remedy from the Seller, including but not exclusively the right to a credit in respect of Work done by the Seller.

Where the Work will be forwarded by or on behalf of the Buyer to a third party for further processing the Buyer will be deemed to have inspected and approved the Work prior to forwarding and the Seller accepts no liability for claims arising subsequent to the third party’s processing.

The Seller reserves the right to reject any Work forwarded to him after initial processing by a third party as soon as is reasonably practicable without processing the Work any further. Should the Buyer require the Seller notwithstanding to continue, then the Seller is only obliged to do so after confirmation from the Buyer in writing.

Nothing in these conditions shall exclude the Seller's liability for death or personal injury as a result of its negligence.

Force majeure

The Seller shall be under no liability if he shall be unable to carry out any provision of the contract for any reason beyond his reasonable control including (without limiting the foregoing): Act of God; legislation; war; fire; flood; drought; inadequacy or unsuitability of any instructions, electronic file or other data or materials supplied by the Buyer; failure of power supply; lock-out, strike or other action taken by employees in contemplation or furtherance of a dispute; or owing to any inability to procure materials required for the performance of the contract. During the continuance of such a contingency the Buyer may by written notice to the Seller elect to terminate the contract and pay for Work done and materials used, but subject thereto shall otherwise accept delivery when available.


These conditions and all other express and implied terms of the contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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